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3T induction melting furnace
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3T induction melting furnace





1, uses and characteristics: induction melting furnace is mainly applied to the molten steel, iron, copper, aluminum and alloys, suitable for a variety of metal melts. Features: melting and heating up quickly, furnace temperature is easy to control, and production efficiency is high.

2, 3T induction melting furnace consists of:

1, Power and electrical parts: 2000kw parallel inverter intermediate frequency power supply or 2000kw series inverter intermediate frequency power supply  

2, The furnace body part: aluminum shell or steel shell, the steel shell furnace body is composed of a furnace shell, a fixed frame, a furnace cover, a tilting furnace mechanism, an induction coil, a yoke, etc., and a leak alarm device.

3,Transmission: 531 mechanical reducer or hydraulic device.

4,Water cooling system: ZXZ-120T closed loop cooling tower

3T induction melting furnace composition

2000kw intermediate frequency power supply

2000kw / 3T /1000HZ

Filter compensation capacitor cabinet

0.75- 2 000-1S

3T furnace body

GW- 3T

Water cooled cable

LHSD- 6 00


3T furnace dedicated

Closed loop cooling tower



Technical parameters selection of 3, 3T induction melting furnace

KGPS 2000kw

GW-3T aluminum shell body

GW-3T steel shell body

rated power



Three-phase voltage

3* 380 V


IF voltage

750 V

1500 V

Melting rate

About 3T /H

About 3T /H

Rated Capacity



Rated temperature

1800 °C

1800 °C

Power factor

≥0.9 2

≥0.9 2

Tilting method:

631 reducer

Hydraulic system

Intermediate frequency power supply

KGPS-1/ 2000kw

KGPS-1/ 2000kw

Inverter structure

Parallel inverter

Parallel inverter

capacitor bank



Furnace structure

Aluminum shell

Steel shell

Water cooled cable

600mm 2

600mm 2





4, 3T induction melting furnace price range: ¥ 420000 yuan - ¥ 980000 yuan. For specific prices, please consult firsTfurnace@gmail.com


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