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Motor end ring intermediate frequency brazing equipment
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1, an intermediate frequency induction brazing Technical Requirements

1. Welding workpiece:

1.1 rotor end ring and guide bar.

1.2 Material: copper T2 , brass H62 , carbon steel, stainless steel 1Cr13 ,

1.3 solder: HL205 , HL204 , HL303 .

1.4 rotor end ring outer diameter size range is φ396mm-φ1262mm , thickness 22mm-80mm ,

1.5 rotor weight: less than 10 tons ( with shaft)

2. Frequency induction brazing (machine) Technical Requirements

2 .1. The machine can be placed up to one rotor with a diameter of 1262 mm or less. The shaft is up to 4.5 meters long and weighs less than 10 tons.

2.2 with a rotor shaft can be welded, the welding may be no axis.

2.2 easy machine operation, can be replaced with different diameters sensors.

2.4. Ф800mm the end of the workpiece to be integrally welded ring, the sector should be more ф800mm welding.

2.5 workpiece rotatably in the machine, the sensor height can be adjusted.

2. 5. The workpiece is easy to load and unload, safe and reliable.

3 soldering temperature measurement and control systems:

3.1. Infrared temperature measurement system shall control system for contactless measurement of the workpiece and adjust the output power by adjusting the IF power frequency power supply control system, in order to reach a temperature in the workpieces to be welded to a constant value, the welding The temperature control accuracy of the workpiece should be about ±2% .

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