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Copper rod Medium frequency induction heating furnace
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A, copper medium frequency induction furnace DESCRIPTION

The copper rod medium frequency induction heating furnace is an induction heating furnace for heating copper rods , which is different from the induction heating furnace for heating steel parts, so the manufacturer needs to have the experience and mature manufacturing experience of nonferrous metal induction heating . Copper and copper alloys have a very narrow forging temperature range, and the heated inductors are designed to be extremely precise, avoiding overheating of the copper rods and causing excessive grain growth. In addition, the design should pay attention to the surface of the copper rod can not be burned, no clips, indentations, the surface can not have obvious color difference.

, technical requirements

1. Production line name: KGPS-150kW/2.5 copper rod medium frequency induction heating furnace

2. Number of production lines: 1 set

3. Copper rod medium frequency induction heating furnace use: for copper rod heating

4. Main process parameters and technical requirements of copper rod medium frequency induction heating furnace :

4.1 Heating process requirements:

4.1.1 Copper rod material: copper rod

4.1.2 Copper rod specification range: Φ 50 x 78 MM

4.1.3 Heating temperature: 900 °C

4.1.4 Productivity: 5 pieces per minute , ≤ 400kg/h

4.1.5 The heating is stable during normal operation, the temperature fluctuation between each section is within ± 15 °C; the temperature difference of the copper rod after heating : axial ( end and tail )  30 °C; radial (core) ≤ 30 °C

4.1.6 Cooling water supply system pressure is greater than 0.5MPa (normal water pressure is greater than 0.4MPa ) , high temperature is 60 °C , the corresponding hose pressure and interface also need to be scaled up to safety standards.



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