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Steel tube induction heating furnace
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, steel induction furnace: heating the steel pipe and insulation, suitable for the diameter of 20mm-3000mm thickness: 5mm-50mm steel induction heating.


, steel pipe induction heating furnace selection parameters summary:


Control System

Intermediate frequency power supply

Φ 18-28mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 30-70mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 80-110mm

PLC intelligent control


Φ 16-32mm

PLC intelligent control


Customized steel tube induction furnace according to customer's actual needs

, steel pipe induction heating furnace PLC intelligent control system 

, according to user needs to provide intelligent control or remote control console

, man-machine interface, easy to operate

, real-time adjustment of equipment operating parameters

, real-time control of the heating process, and has a recording function

, different international language switching

, steel tube induction heating furnace has features: 
, medium frequency power supply control, infrared thermometer control, non-contact heating making the workpiece heating more uniform. 
, steel tube induction heating furnace closed-loop control, heating speed, high production efficiency. 
3. All the water pipelines of the induction furnace body are made of 304 stainless steel pipes to avoid water rust and scale, greatly improve the cooling effect and long service life. 
, steel pipe induction heating furnace uses human-machine interface PLC control system, full touch screen control of the whole set of induction heat treatment equipment production. 
, high temperature control accuracy, fully automatic intelligent control. 
, steel induction furnace pollution, low energy consumption, no cracks processed workpieces, toughness and tensile strength linearity requirements to achieve customer satisfaction. 
, steel induction furnace conveyor output system controlled by an independent drive, pneumatic automatic control, speed control segment. 
8. A powerful management system, after selecting the steel grade and plate type parameters to be produced, automatically call the relevant parameters. 
, steel induction furnace with closed cooling tower for cooling, energy saving.

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