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How to choose steel induction heating furnace?
Author:admin time:2019-07-28 15:12

1. Shape and size of the heated workpiece

  For large workpieces, round bars and solid materials, steel tube induction heating furnaces with relatively high power and low frequency should be used; for small workpieces, pipes, plates, gears, etc., steel tube induction heating furnaces with relatively low power and high frequency are used.

2. Depth and area required for heating

  Deep heating depth, large area, overall heating, should choose high-power, low-frequency steel induction heating furnace; shallow heating depth, small area, local heating, the use of relatively low power, high frequency steel induction furnace.

3, the required heating rate

  The required heating speed is fast, and a steel tube induction heating furnace with relatively high power and relatively high frequency should be selected.

4, the continuous working time of the equipment

  The continuous working time is long, and the steel tube induction heating furnace with a slightly larger power is used.

5, the connection distance between the sensing component and the device

  The connection length is long, and even the use of water-cooled cable connection is required. The medium-frequency induction heating furnace with higher power should be used relatively.


6, process requirements

  In general, quenching, welding and other processes, relatively power can be selected smaller, frequency selection is higher; annealing, tempering and other processes, relative power selection is larger, frequency selection is lower; red punch, hot calcination, smelting, etc., need For a heating process, the power should be chosen to be larger and the frequency selected lower.

7, the material of the workpiece

  The relative power of the high melting point of the metal material is larger, the relative power of the lower melting point is smaller, the power of the smaller resistivity is larger, and the power of the larger resistivity is smaller.

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