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Induction melting furnace installation method
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Induction melting furnace installation method


1,The installation of the induction melting furnace shall be carried out in accordance with the floor plan and the foundation drawing.,

2,After installation, first check whether the grounding of the hob is good, and the grounding resistance should be less than 4Ω.

3,Check the insulation resistance between the conductive plates of the inductor and the metal parts of the furnace before passing through the water: measured with a 2500V megger, it should be greater than 2MΩ.,

4,Connect the cooling water into and out of the water pipe and set the electric contact pressure gauge to 0.2Mpa.

5,Check that the direction of rotation of the oil pump motor is the same as the direction of rotation of the oil pump and connect the hydraulic system piping.,

6,Tilt the furnace body, check whether the hydraulic induction melting furnace is in good condition, and whether the seals and pipeline joints leak oil.

7,The no-load power is supplied to the inductor, and the voltage is from low to high until the rated value, and the vibration of the component and the inductor is checked.,

8,After the above checks are correct, the lining can be built by hanging the dies.

9. Tanning and sintering points of the lining: (Refer to the quartz sand lining)


9.1 . After the induction melting furnace is installed and tested, the lining and sintering lining can be started. The lining and sintering of the lining are the key to determining its life and safe operation, and the operating procedures should be strictly observed.

9 .2. Requirements for lining materials:

The acid furnace lining sintered by quartz sand should be pure (sio 2 >98.5∽99.5%), no other inclusions, should be hand-selected, magnetically selected, sieved, and then subjected to 5-6 h at 180-200 °C. Honggan.

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