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KGPS300KW/1.5 round steel medium frequency heating furnace
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KGPS300KW/1.5. Round steel: φ80×100. Heating temperature: 1150 ° C.

Parameter result:

Copper tube 12×14×2 vertical winding, number of turns: 27, clearance: 2.8mm, waterway: 4

Press 7+7+7+6 points.

Copper tube 18×12×2 flat winding, number of turns: 24, clearance: 3mm, waterway: 3

Press 8+8+8 points.

Two turns are connected in series, and the copper tube 12×14×2 is the feeding end. Inner diameter of the coil: φ130.

Coil length: L1=(12+2.8)×27=399.6

L2=(18+3)×24=504 Total coil length L=399.6+504+6+9=921.6

Lining knot inner diameter: φ100, water-cooled guide rail: φ10×2,

Capacitor: RFM0.75-1500-2.5S, 1 set

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