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Fully automatic temperature closed loop intermediate frequency inductor heating production line
Author:admin time:2019-08-12 10:03

The 750KW/1.0KHZ medium frequency induction heating furnace adopts three automatic selection mechanisms of feeding, feeding, discharging and temperature. Specially proposed temperature closed-loop control uses two power supplies and three sensors. The thermometer uses perforated temperature measurement. The first thermometer is in the preheating section, and the second thermometer is at a certain position from the outlet. The first thermometer collects the temperature of the specific temperature measurement point and feeds it back to the PLC, PLC intelligent output, to ensure that the temperature of the outlet is in accordance with the set temperature, two thermometers, two power supplies, multiple sensors, modular design A full-closed temperature control system is formed.

The main process parameters of the equipment are as follows:

1, blank material: 45# steel, etc.

2. Billet specification range: diameter Φ70-160, length 120-540. Most bars are fed automatically using a seesaw type that is manually fed to the V-groove beyond the range of the feeder or in small batches.

3. Heating temperature: 1250 °C.

4, beat: typical billet Φ120, length 250mm: 44 seconds / piece. Diameter Φ90 length 400mm: 40 seconds / piece. Diameter Φ150 length 300mm: 82 seconds / piece.

5. The heating is stable during normal operation, the temperature fluctuation between each section is within ±15 °C; the axial radial (core table) is ≤100 °C.

6. The cooling water supply system pressure is greater than 0.5MPa (normal water pressure is greater than 0.4 MPa), and the higher temperature is 60 °C. The corresponding hose pressure and interface also need to be scaled up to safety standards.




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