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Medium frequency tungsten-molybdenum sintering furnace
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Medium frequency tungsten-molybdenum sintering furnace mainly consists of thyristor intermediate frequency power supply, hydrogen protection high temperature sintering furnace body, temperature automatic control system, mechanical pump vacuum system, vertical lower loading system, various protection and action systems, spraying tungsten heating body, heat preservation Composition of materials and so on.


1. The intermediate frequency heating part consists of KGPS-750/1.0  750KW 1.0KHz power supply cabinet, electric heating capacitor cabinet, connecting copper bars and engine mechanism;

2 , the sintering furnace consists of tank, inductor, alumina, zirconia insulation material, tungsten crucible, open return tank, hydrogen / nitrogen gas control box, gantry, lower loading mechanism and removal rail, vacuum system, etc. composition;

3. The automatic control system consists of three parts: automatic temperature control system, gas control system and automatic movement control. The temperature automatic control system is measured by Wre5-26 thermocouple and fiber optic sensor, controlled by a temperature regulator, and recorded by a paperless recorder. The gas control system and the mechanical movement automatic control part are centrally controlled by the PLC . The entire control system is mounted on a vertical or bench-top console for control.

Main technical indicators of medium frequency tungsten-molybdenum sintering furnace

Mainly used for the sintering of extra large tungsten and molybdenum products. Requirements: Long-term operation is stable, reliable, safe, and power-consuming. The design structure, material selection, electrical configuration, safety measures, and program control are reasonable and advanced.

Inner diameter: Φ within 960 × 1900 × 22

Internal helium material: tungsten

Sintering maximum temperature: 2350 °C

Working temperature: 2300 °C

Power supply voltage: 380V , 50Hz , three-phase four-wire system

Working frequency: 1000Hz

Power supply:  750KW

Automatic temperature control, measurement, display, automatic recording

Gas protection in the furnace, adjustable flow, and slag discharge at the outlet

the average temperature zone: not less than 1650 mm in the height direction ;

Temperature uniformity: the furnace center, the temperature difference of within 1 0 , when measured by a thermocouple 17 00 . The density difference of 2300 °C pure tungsten products is not more than 0.20 g / cm3 .

furnace type: vertical, bottom loading. The maximum charge size  f 880 * 1850mm, the maximum weight of 8 tons workpiece;

temperature control accuracy: ± 1 °C

vacuum system

The vacuum system consists of ZX-70 mechanical pump, ZJP-300 Roots pump, GD-J160 baffle valve, DDC-JQ80 solenoid valve and frame, electric control, pipeline, vacuum gauge, bellows and so on. Pump to 10Pa for less than 30 minutes.


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