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Molybdenum wire molybdenum block sintering furnace
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The molybdenum wire molybdenum block sintering furnace is mainly composed of a thyristor intermediate frequency power supply, a hydrogen protection system, a high temperature sintering furnace body, an automatic temperature control system, a mechanical pump , a vacuum system , various protection and feeding mechanisms , and a discharging mechanism .

Main technical parameters of molybdenum wire molybdenum block sintering furnace

crucible  Size: Φ 720 × 1600 thick 20

crucible  Material: Tungsten

Sintering maximum temperature: 2350 °C

Working temperature: 2300 °C

Power supply voltage: 380V 50Hz , three-phase four-wire system

Working frequency: 1200 1600Hz

Power supply: ≤ 600KW

Automatic temperature control, measurement, display, automatic recording

The gas protection and flow rate in the furnace are adjustable, and the exhaust gas interface is arranged at the outlet.

Main structure of molybdenum wire molybdenum block sintering furnace

1. The height of the sensor is 1728mm , the inner diameter of the inductor is φ 960 mm , and it is insulated and insulated from the tungsten crucible by zirconium oxide and AL .

2. The heating element adopts a tungsten-rhenium heating element, and the tungsten crucible is heated by induction heating, and then the material to be heated is heated. The technical indicators reached by tungsten tweezers are as follows:

2.1 crucible Size: Φ 720 × 1600 thick 20

2.2 Density ≥ 83% TD .

2.3 Tungsten tube purity: Tungsten powder was sprayed with FWP-1 , purity > 99.9% .

refractory materials

3 .1 top: Since the feeding method is the lower feeding, the top refractory brick is made of four pieces of conical type, and the inner layer is made of zirconium oxide with a refractoriness of 2600 °C as a refractory material. The outer layer is AL having a melting point of 2050 ° C as a refractory material.

4. Furnace body

The furnace body has a furnace cover , a viewing mirror, an observation mirror flange , an air inlet , a temperature measuring bracket , a furnace shell , a thermocouple telescopic cylinder , a test port , an explosion-proof port , a conductive outlet , a vacuum outlet , an induction coil and the like.


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