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Machine tool guide quenching equipment
Author:admin time:2019-07-31 10:31

Selection 120KW super audio quenching equipment, the client device is a self-traveling.


The device switching device uses Siemens IGBT . With multiple closed loop control. The device is small in size, small in floor space and flexible in application.

The machine guides the machine tool: the hardness is uniform and consistent. The quenched layer is moderately uniform. The quality of work is high. Energy saving. Easy to operate. Cost-effective.

Super Audio Guide Quenching Equipment Highlights:

1The equipment frequency can be 10-30KHz according to the workpiece processing requirements of the user. The suitable hardened layer is 1-3mm , and the hardened layer is moderate. The hardness meets the requirements and the amount of deformation is small. 

2 When the material is HT200-HT300 , the hardness is HRC45-53 . 

3 The sensor works finely. According to the user's guide rail surface structure, the inductor is designed and manufactured. If the guide surface is too wide, the inductor is made to be unilaterally quenched. If the guide surface is narrow, it can be quenched twice. 

4The gap between the sensor and the rail surface is controlled by the guide rail to avoid contact between the sensor and the bed surface. The gap is always consistent, the temperature is uniform, and the hardness is consistent. 

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