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Converter switch
Author:admin time:2019-07-23 12:23

The converter switch is an electric quick-change switch used in a coreless intermediate frequency furnace. The structure is composed of a static block, a movable block, a pressure regulating mechanism, a transmission mechanism and a frame. The bolt will be a stationary block, a copper plate and a frame. Directly coupled together, the copper plate is connected with the intermediate frequency power supply or the furnace cable, the contact faces of the movable blocks on the two sides and the corresponding movable blocks are inclined, and the guide plates in the movable block and the pressure adjusting mechanism are springs. Connected to the bolt, the guide plate and the screw on the worm are hinged, and the movable block has a water-cooling small hole; the pressure adjusting mechanism has a spring, a guide plate, an adjusting plate and a travel switch, wherein the travel switch passes through the bolt and the frame Fixed, the motor in the transmission mechanism drives the worm gear reducer, and the screw of the worm reducer is hingedly connected with the guide plate in the pressure adjustment mechanism of the movable part; the front and rear of the frame are symmetrical. The invention has the advantages of simple operation, convenient use, shortening the switching time of the furnace, improving the efficiency, reducing the labor intensity of the worker, and easily realizing the switching of the intermediate frequency power source to the heat preservation furnace body and the melting furnace, which is very practical. Sex






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