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Cyclone dust cover
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Cyclone dust cover

   The cyclone hood has excellent vacuuming and takes up less space. The biggest advantage of the cyclone dust hood compared to the traditional hydraulic tilting dust hood is that it can be tilted back and forth, and can be stopped at any position. The traditional vacuum hood can only stay in the front and rear two stations. When the stove worker operates, the cyclone type dust cover avoids the baking of the front cover to the operator and reduces the working intensity of the operator. The vacuum hood can effectively vacuum during the spheroidizing process before the furnace, which is not possible with the traditional vacuum hood. The vacuum hood is designed with a strong steel structure. The refractory cover is fixed in the middle of the suction hood. The entire vacuum hood can be stopped at any position through the hydraulic cylinder. During the smelting process, the entire dust hood is in a closed position, and the furnace cover is covered on the molten pool raft to reduce heat loss during the feeding and smelting process, and the dust hood absorbs dust and exhaust gas through a certain amount of suction air. And improve exhaust emissions.

It is connected to the exhaust gas discharge pipe system through a flange located on the rotating shaft of the furnace body. When the entire dust hood is opened in the forward direction, the feeding operation is performed.

The entire dust hood can be opened in the reverse direction. This design is beneficial for the operation of the blasting lining without disassembling the dust hood; it is convenient for the maintenance of the induction furnace gate.


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