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IGBT digital intelligent intermediate frequency power supply
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Power range: 30kW-3000kW / Control mode: DSP+FOGA+ARM

Frequency range: 0.5-10KHz /   Input voltage: 380V/690V/1140V

Control accuracy: 1  / output voltage: user-definable

Power infinite adjustment: 0-100% /   Control signals: digital and analog

Rated efficiency: 98%   / Target control mode: constant temperature, constant power, constant current

Communication interface: RS232 , RS485 , CAN , USB , Ethernet , ModelBus

With its own independent operating system, fully modular structure, digital communication, customized products according to user needs.


* Product advantage  
, personalized operating system   
, intelligent controller    
, process customization function    
, fully modular structure 
, environmental protection and energy saving       
, self-diagnosis function    
, communication interface diversification    
, multiple load control 
A professional power supply that can be overhauled without professional skills! 
* Technical characteristics  
Single output, multi-output, single-machine grid connection, multi-machine grid connection; 
Single output power: 5kW-50kW ; 
Maximum parallel power: 200kW ; 
Control load: diathermic furnace, melting furnace, quenching airport, single / polysilicon furnace, fiber furnace, vacuum brazing furnace, etc.; 
Control mode: PWM phase shifting type, open loop, closed loop, constant temperature, variable temperature, curve temperature control, etc. 
The power supply is equipped with a power grid harmonic filtering device to effectively control the harmonic pollution of the power supply to the power grid.

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